Birds & Flying Pest Removal

Birds and other flying pests are often mobile and quick, and because of that they can easily fly into your home, making infestation quick and difficult to avoid. Birds, wasps, bats, bees, hornets, and flies are just a few flying pests common in homes. Some of them can spread disease, while others can sting or bite, so it’s important to have them removed from your property immediately.

The pests, though difficult to control and remove, can be successfully removed from your home. Here are some methods that have been proven to work in bird control, bat control, and removal of other flying pests.

Methods You Can Use to Control and Remove Flying Pests

  • Eliminate or Reduce Standing Water and Feeding Places

Birds and other flying pests will invade your home if they can easily get water and food. Clearing your home of stagnant or drinking water and covering garbage bins has been known to help with bird control and other flying pest control. Watering and feeding stations for your pet birds should be in covered areas where pest birds cannot access them.

  • Trim Trees and Clear Bushes

Bushes and trees around your home can attract flying pests such as wasps and hornets. Do bats frequently infest your home? Bat control and removal involves destroying their hiding places and clearing bushes around your premises as well. Other flying pests are also known to nest in bushy trees, so keep this in mind when landscaping your property.

  • Set Pet Traps and Baits

Live traps such as funnel traps, automated traps, or nest boxes can be used to trap pest birds while trap hives can be used to capture wasps, hornets, and bees. The baits in the traps attract the pest in question for humane extermination or movement to a controlled place. After extermination, secure your premises to avoid pest re-infestation

Professional Control

Using the services of a professional pest control company is the best option to have pest birds, bats, and other flying pets eliminated properly and permanently. A professional can tell the best approach in controlling and removing any flying pest in your premises.

If chemicals are used, you will be safer letting a birds and flying pest control Kent WA apply it, as they have the proper equipment and training to keep your family safe.


There are many things you can do to keep birds and other flying pests at bay. For more information on how to handle an infestation, contact us about our pest control services.

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